Namaqualand Flowers

In Spring, starting early August to be precise, the Namaqualand daisies and other flowers come into full bloom here. There is actually no need to travel all the way to Namaqualand as our flowers here are quite spectacular.

Farm Walks & Hiking

Guests may hike the mountain and walk around the farm through citrus orchards.


There is a large eco-pool for the use of all guests with a great view.

Rock Art

There are various sites of San rock art on the farm. The paintings give one a good idea of how the San lived.

Guided tours offered on request.

Bird Watching & Wildlife

There are several species of bird here. Experienced bird watchers have counted over 200 different types over the years. Other wildlife include buck, baboons, dassies, porcupine and wild cat.

Other things to note

We are a small working citrus farm practicing drip irrigation and integrated pest management. 90% of our fruit is exported.

During the Spring (August-October) the Southern Olifants River Valley has spectacular wild flowers. We can be of great assistance in this regard as we know where everything is.

We have good bird watching. Small wildlife can be seen, e.g. small buck and dassies. Baboons frequently visit our orchards in season.

We are enthusiastic about Rock Art and have access to various sites. Alan is a very good guide for the rock paintings.